Upcoming Event: Hack Mental Health at Yale


Our next event will be in New Haven, spring of 2019! Spring is the perfect time to reflect and celebrate new beginnings. We hope to bring together undergraduates, graduate students, industry professionals and even younger students still in high school to contemplate how we can make the still "new" year better through more responsible, healthier use of technology.

We hope to see your ideas come to fruition over a weekend of ideation, code, design and presentation! Typically, submissions are in the form of software or hardware. We welcome people from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Learn more about our event here.


Past Event: Silicon Valley's Ethics "Reverse Hackathon"


Our previous event involved creating hacks that address mental health issues. But what about the ways that technology itself is responsible for detrimental mental health effects?

It's time to rethink technology. 

Let's come together to majorly redesign tech tools in a more meaningful, socially responsible way, leveraging the power of a truly interdisciplinary dialogue, including academics, designers, ethicists, computer scientists, psychologists, entrepreneurs, educators, and many more. The final product for this hackathon is a 3 minute product proposal to humanely redesign an existing technology. 

Check out our inaugural blog post to learn more about this past event.