Meet The Team

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Stephen is a former Google PM and avid participant in the mental health tech space. Stephen has previously served as a volunteer hotline counselor at the San Francisco Suicide Prevention. He blogs frequently on his personal website



Daniel is the co-founder of Campfire. Campfire builds support groups of peers who share a life challenge. Groups bond over weekly video meetings and keep it strong using a mobile messaging app. Prior to Campfire, Daniel spent 5 years at Airbnb. He's excited about the impact of technology on mental health.



Pragya is working a Software Engineer at Google on the AdWords infrastructure team. She graduated from Mount Holyoke College, a liberal arts institution in western Massachusetts. Prior to Google, she has done research in autonomous robotics and multi-robot formations. She is passionate about technology, diversity, philosophy and mindfulness.


Nick Dirienzo

Nick is a software engineer on the Application Platform team at Optimizely. He graduated from the University at Buffalo with a B.Sc. in Computer Science; while there, he started ubhacking, the university's annual student-run hackathon. Seeing a psychologist was life-changing for him and now better understands the positive impact of keeping the mind healthy; as a technologist and optimist, he's excited to bridge the gap between mental health care professionals and programmers.


Ashwin kumar

Ashwin is the co-founder of Sway Finance, a machine learning startup aimed at automating accounting for small businesses. Previously he's worked in finance, hollywood and marketing automation. He's passionate about pushing technology to help us with our most complex and pressing problems, especially in the realm of mental health.



Clare translates clinical science into engaging and innovative digital products. Currently she works in Clinical Innovation and Research at Lantern, a San Francisco-based digital mental health company. Clare completed her doctoral degree in clinical psychology at the PGSP-Stanford Consortium. Her dissertation research at the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab used virtual reality to develop a new way to measure risk of eating disorder onset among college women. She is the founder of a professional organization bridging the gap between academia and technology, and provides mentorship for early-career clinicians and technologists who want to use technology to solve problems of mental health care delivery. Clare writes about psychology and startups, and presents her research both locally and internationally.


Neha Madan

Neha is an Implementation Lead at a startup Hive (focused on making employees productive) and is passionate about the mental health + tech space. Her background is in strategy consulting and finance. She's a big believer in positive psychology, mental fitness and daily meditation.


alexa meyer

Alexa is the founder of Orchid and the Mental Health Pop Up. After feeling frustrated that there wasn’t a modern ‘gym’ for mental wellness she started working on making it easier for people to take care of their mental health in the physical world via trial therapy sessions, group workshops, and quiet space. Prior to Orchid, Alexa spent 3 years leading growth and web products at Keen IO. She’s excited to make improving your mind as common, accessible, and modern as taking care of your physical health.


Edith Borrebach

Edith Borrebach is the Director of Community Engagement for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, San Francisco where she champions underserved communities in gaining access to culturally competent mental health care. She is dedicated to building thriving, empowered and interconnected volunteer communities that provide meaningful support to courageous endeavors. As a Bay Area native, Edith is particularly interested in fostering collaborations with the tech sector toward destigmatizing mental health conditions and increasing access to mental health care. In her spare time, Edith volunteers as a birth and postpartum doula, and enjoys hiking and kayaking her way through Northern California with her wife.