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Dave Morin, Advisor

Dave is Founder & Partner at Slow Ventures, a leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm. Slow's portfolio includes Slack, Pinterest, Evernote, NextDoor, Postmates, Blue Bottle, Allbirds, and more.

He is also Founder of Sunrise whose mission is to cure depression. He was the Co-Founder and CEO of Path which was acquired by Kakao in 2015. 

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girish Subramanyan, M.D., board

Girish is a psychiatrist who treats, primarily, Mood and Anxiety Disorders in San Francisco, including so-called treatment resistant forms of these conditions.  He is also deeply interested in and actively involved with mental health technology.  He has advised early stage mental health start-ups, including Spring Health, where he was most recently Chief Clinical Officer, and Kip Health.  Currently, he is involved in the development of mental health patient on-boarding and treatment-tracking software as well as a public-service solution for treatment-seeking individuals in San Francisco that provides free mental illness screening and matching to treatment providers.

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Stephen Schueller, PhD, board

Stephen Schueller, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine at Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine and a member of Northwestern’s Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies (CBITs; He is the Executive Director of PsyberGuide, a project funded by the One Mind, to identify and provide unbiased information about the effectiveness and usefulness of digital tools for mental health. In his work, he has explored the use of digital mental health resources in diverse contexts and populations including in clinical settings as adjuncts for clinical treatment of depression, in middle-school children and homeless youth. He is especially interested in the prevention of depression and promotion of well-being and advancing integration of positive psychological interventions into clinical work.


Steven Chan, MD MBA, advisor

Steven Chan ( is UC San Francisco (UCSF)’s inaugural Clinical Informatics fellow and psychiatric physician. Dr. Chan investigates R01 grant-funded research in telepsychiatry, smartphones and mobile wearable devices for mental health. Current American Psychiatric Association Vice Chair for the Workgroup on Mental Health & Psychiatric Apps. Editorial boardmember for the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) Mental Health.

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peter hames, advisor

Peter Hames is co-founder and CEO of Big Health, a company creating “digital medicine” -
automated, digital, behavior change programs for mental health that are as scalable as drugs
yet as effective as in person therapy. Peter is an NHS Innovation Fellow, and holds a Masters in
Experimental Psychology from Oxford University. It was his own experience of insomnia, and how he overcame it, that inspired him to found Big Health and create Sleepio, a digital sleep improvement program that is now available to over 1 million employees as part of their benefits package.

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Daniel is the co-founder of Campfire. Campfire builds support groups of peers who share a life challenge. Groups bond over weekly video meetings and keep it strong using a mobile messaging app. Prior to Campfire, Daniel spent 5 years at Airbnb. He's excited about the impact of technology on mental health.

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Mike Radocchia, advisor

Mike Radocchia is the organizer of Mental Health 2.0, a meetup group dedicated to exploring innovation in mental health, and leads Marketing & Partnerships at Big Health, a company creating “digital medicine” - automated behavior change programs for mental health. Mike holds degrees in Neuroscience and Biomedical Technologies from the University of Pennsylvania and previously advised biopharmaceutical companies on commercializing new products in psychiatry and neuroscience.


Dr. Nicolle Zapien, Advisor

Nicolle Zapien received her BA in psychology with a minor in mathematics from the University of Oregon. She holds an EdM in teaching and curriculum from Harvard Graduate School of Education, an MA in clinical psychology from the Professional School of Psychology and a PhD in psychology from Saybrook University. Dr. Zapien also is a licensed and practicing MFT with a private clinical psychotherapy practice in San Francisco through which she serves a variety of clients, the majority of whom are adults and couples. She is a existential/humanistically-oriented clinician and a certified sex therapist through AASECT and has completed a coaching certification through CTI.


dr. Nina Vasan, MD, MBA

Nina Vasan, MD, MBA is the Founder and Director of the Stanford Laboratory for Brain Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship (link to She served on Barack Obama’s Health Policy Advisory Committee, worked with Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan at the World Health Organization, and worked at McKinsey in Silicon Valley advising healthcare payers and providers. Dr. Vasan chairs the Psychiatry Innovation Lab, the American Psychiatric Association’s mental health tech incubator, and advises healthcare startups, Fortune 500 companies, investors, philanthropists, and government leaders. 



David Ryan Polgar has carved out a unique career as a “Tech Ethicist, where he explores our evolving relationship with technology from an ethical, legal, and emotional perspective. With a background as an attorney and college professor, he transitioned in recent years to focus entirely on tackling the thorniest issues in tech while promoting a deeper conversation with the development and implementation of emerging tech. Well before the current discussion around Silicon Valley and ethics, David was advocating for a greater discussion around innovation, digital citizenship, and what it means to be human in the digital age. He has been at the forefront of developing and promoting the concepts of digital citizenship, tech ethics, and digital wellness.

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Craig delarge

Craig A. DeLarge is a digital healthcare strategist, and founder of The Digital Mental Health Project.
He has held a variety of marketing and digital health roles throughout his career with Takeda Pharma, Merck, Novo Nordisk, GSK, J&J, Communications Media, Inc, IMS Health and the (U.S.) National Alliance on Mental Illness. His core expertise are in the areas of customer & business development, strategy & communications, and the topic of digital mental health.


dr. becky inkster

Dr. Becky Inkster is a disruptive neuroscientist, passionate about everything from cells to phones, genes to jewellery, hippocampi to hip-hop, and sand pits to social justice. She works on AI mental healthcare, digital/clinical/music-based interventions, social media data, genomics, molecular biology, neuroimaging, epidemiology, psychiatry, psychology, statistics, computing, public engagement, and policy to improve our understanding and treatment of mental health.

Recent Activities: She created the Digital Innovation in Mental Health conference (London, UK). She's been invited to speak on AI, digital psychiatry, ethics and culture at the UN, UK Parliament, Facebook HQ, American Psychiatric Associations, and more. 

Degree: DPhil, Oxford University. Affiliations: Cambridge University & Columbia University. Advisory Roles: AI Global Governance Commission;; Legal & General. Venture: Co-Founder of Hip Hop Psych.