HackMentalHealth Announces Updated Vision and Mission

HackMentalHealth is excited to announce new vision and mission statements for the organization.

After more than a year of running mental health hackathons, with thousands of attendees, we've built an incredible community of mental health tech advocates. As our community grows, so do we.

We're excited to launch an updated set of vision and mission statements that position HackMentalHealth as beyond just a community-building organization, but also as an active supporter and a responsible shaper of the mental health tech space.

Our Vision

HackMentalHealth envisions an allied mental health care ecosystem that is revolutionized by technological innovation through interdisciplinary collaboration.

We believe that only by joining forces across psychology, psychiatry, technology, entrepreneurship, and more can real change and progress be made in the mental health tech space.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire, enable, and empower the world’s leading hub of mental health technology advocates by:

  • Fostering an inclusive community of changemakers, thought leaders, health care providers, and industry experts

  • Accelerating innovation through thought leadership, resources, tools, and connection

  • Guiding the evolution of mental health tech to ensure a positive and ethical social impact on the world

To execute on our mission, we will be sharing a new set of objectives and key results we hope to achieve for the coming year in our next post. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to build the world's largest mental health tech community.

Anne & Stephen
HackMentalHealth Co-founders