Thank you for your interest in serving in a leadership role for Hack Mental Health. Below you can find information about the expectation of roles and responsibilities for these roles, keeping in mind they may be customized to the expertise and interest of the individual. For reference, you can view our Hack Mental Health Mission and Vision. You can also view our current team members and their positions (not listed below) at our Team Page.

If you have any questions, please reach out to 

General Responsibilities (for all leaders)

  • We will conduct biweekly video conference meetings to be attended by all leads. Additional meetings may be scheduled during busy seasons.
  • Although each position's responsibilities are clearly scoped, leaders are encouraged to work on passion projects of interest beyond their scope. 


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community lead

The community lead is at the heart of the HMH mission. The lead will manage contributors and engage community members. The lead should moderate content to be appropriate and non-promotional. Specifically, the community lead will work on:

  • Adding new advisors and contributors to our website, as well as collecting a list of potential hackathon volunteers.
  • Leading the nearly 500 person HMH Facebook Group, and create community guidelines
  • Lead the appointment of new board members and new team members.
  • Manage and moderate our Medium Publication

marketing lead

The marketing lead for HMH will help us expand our reach so that we can let people know that our community exists. The marketing lead will work on:

  • Create content and campaigns to boost reach.
  • Growing our Twitter, Facebook, and listserv fanbase. 
  • Boost SEO on our site via cross-linking. 
  • Potentially running and piloting ad campaigns for further engagement.

business lead

The business lead will help make HMH a sustainable organization. The lead is responsible for fundraising, monetization, handling accounting, finances of the organization. The lead will also manage all our partnerships with external companies like Big Health and Lantern, and can develop personal relationships with these companies. Our main effort this year will be to create a sponsorship pricing package and collect companies who are interested in marketing to our listserv.

operations lead

Serve as project manager, ensuring team hits deadlines and major milestones.

design lead

  • Manage website 
  • Sell merch (e.g. tshirts)
  • Create press kit


If you've contributed to our organization via volunteering, or if you write articles in our Medium publication, we'd love to feature you on our website! 

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