Thank you for your interest in serving in a leadership role for Hack Mental Health. Below you can find information about the expectation of roles and responsibilities for these roles, keeping in mind they may be customized to the expertise and interest of the individual. For reference, you can view our Hack Mental Health Mission and Vision.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

General Responsibilities (for all leaders)

  • We will conduct biweekly video conference meetings to be attended by all leads. Additional meetings may be scheduled during busy seasons.
  • Although each position's responsibilities are clearly scoped, leaders are encouraged to work on passion projects of interest beyond their scope. 

President (stephen Cognetta)

Leader of organization; liaison to advisory board and board of directors; organize biweekly meetings. 

hackathon chair

Responsible for leading, organizing, and executing the flagship hackathon (with a core team of Hackathon Leads / contributors)

  • Hackathon Partnerships (sponsorships, donations) 
  • Hackathon Community Lead (social, promotion, etc) 
  • Hackathon Events and Speakers (speakers, events)
  • Hackathon Mentor Lead
  • Hackathon Operations (venue, food, AV, etc) 

community lead

Post weekly on social media platforms and in the Facebook group to continue to energize / inspire the community. Grow our Facebook+Twitter to 1K+ by EOY. Social media experience required. 

event lead

Plan and coordinate with local event organizers for five events in 2018.

project liason lead

Solicit ideas from the community on additional projects that HackMentalHealth can be a part of, and provide consultation, coordination help. Include other members of the organizing team or advising team as needed. Technology or mental health experience required.

business lead

Responsible for fundraising, monetization, handling accounting, finances of the organization. Also responsible for our partnerships. Reach out to partner organizations and sponsors for opportunities for collaboration. Will lead the sponsorship effort for the hackathon.

content lead

Write a monthly newsletter for the HMH community. Include job postings, funding opportunities, community pieces, events and opportunities. Manage our Medium Publication by soliciting, editing, and publishing articles related to mental health + technology.