We are excited to be joined by some of the leading mental health advocates in the Silicon Valley area. 

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Dave Morin

Founder & Partner, Slow Ventures / Founder, Sunrise

Dave is an entrepreneur, investor, and photographer.

He is Founder & Partner at Slow Ventures, a leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm that champions long term thinking and innovation. Slow serves a community of over 200 of the most innovative entrepreneurs and companies in the world. Including Slack, Pinterest, Evernote, NextDoor, Postmates, Blue Bottle, Allbirds, and more.

He is also Founder of Sunrise whose mission is to cure depression. Focused on bringing together genomics, therapeutics, spirituality, therapy, technology, and design to revolutionize how humans relate to depression.

He was the Co-Founder and CEO of Path which was acquired by Kakao in 2015. 

Seth Rosenberg

Investor, Greylock Partners

Seth is an investor at Greylock Partners and former PM for the Messenger Platform. Originally Canadian and lives in SF.

Courtney Brown

director, San Francisco suicide prevention hotline director

Courtney Brown started as a hotline volunteer in March of 2011, and has gradually increased her involvement at the agency first as a weekend on-call counselor, later as the volunteer coordinator, hotline coordinator, hotline manager, and currently the hotline director.  Courtney is the primary point-person for volunteer recruitment and training, supervising classroom instruction and one-on-one mentoring for new volunteers.  

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Liz beaven

Provost of California Institute of Integral Studies

Liz Beaven, EdD, has been actively engaged in questions of education for most of her life, and has spent over 30 years in Waldorf education. Her work as a classroom teacher, school administrator, adult educator and researcher developed a conviction in the need for fundamental change in how we typically educate our children. This led her to CIIS, where she is working to develop a new graduate program in integral teacher education, contextualizing core principles and practices of the Waldorf approach within a contemporary landscape of equity, access, social justice, and the essential question of true preparation for the rapidly changing, unknown future that will belong to today's school children.

Nicollette Maristela

Communications Specialist, Mental Health Association of San Francisco

Nicollette identifies herself as a peer/consumer of mental health services and an advocate for social justice in mental health. Nicollette has a BA in Psychology double minor in Counseling and Asian American Studies from SFSU. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree at USF’s Counseling Psychology, MFT program. Nicollette has been involved with the Mental Health Association of San Francisco (MHASF) for the past fours years as a SOLVE Peer Educator, the SOLVE Senior Peer Facilitator, the Community Advocate, and now the Communications Specialist. In addition to her work at MHASF she is also a rape crisis counselor at San Francisco Women Against Rape and a Marriage & Family Therapy Trainee at the Stonewall Project, SF Aids Foundation. Her life experiences and the community work she has done has fueled her passion to work in field of mental health.