We are excited to be joined by some of the leading technology, academic, and ethics experts in the SF Bay Area.


morgan venable

chief of staff, research and machine intelligence, google

Morgan is a SF native and product development and organizational leader at Google with a keen interest in accessibility, usability and attention.

While he's spent the past decade fascinated by the growth of new adaptive technologies (touch, 3D printing, speech) that allow unique customization to suit people with varying mobility/motor capability, today he's becoming increasingly interested in how technology enables us to understand and manage our own attention.

His area of focus is on-device AI products at Google, and he hopes to live to see a future where devices and services respect, rather than demand, our attention.

He's worked on drone delivery at Amazon, Hololens at Microsoft, and enough obscure, now-obsolete consumer electronics to fill *way* too much landfill.


judie wexler

president, ca institute of integral studies

Dr. Judie Wexler has been at CIIS since 2002. Her focus in higher education is on creating and enhancing academic programs that combine cognitive and personal growth and community service. A professor of sociology, Dr. Wexler has been teaching for more than 25 years and served as chair for both the Department of Sociology and the Division of Business Administration and Social Sciences at Holy Names College.


Prof. Alexander Baumgardt

California College of the Arts, Interaction Design Program

Alexander is an award-winning design leader, educator, and mentor with over a decade of experience in co-creating integrated brand, product, and service experiences – ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Heavily influenced by Systems Thinking and Design he has built a unique portfolio of human-centered design work with an ecosystem-centric point of view – often blurring the lines between physical & digital product. You can learn more about him here.

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Dr Cosima Gretton MD

clinical product manager, mindstrong health

Cosima Gretton is a physician and Clinical Product Manager at Mindstrong Health. Mindstrong is founded by three of the world’s leading authorities in neuroscience, medicine and computer science and is dedicated to transforming mental health through measurement based care. Mindstrong uses content-free human computer interaction patterns from smartphone behaviors to derive digital biomarkers of cognitive and emotional function. Cosima trained in cognitive psychology at the University of Oxford, practiced medicine in the UK's National Health Service and founded AXNS Collective, a science communication company dedicated to exploring the brain sciences through the visual arts. 

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Alka Arora

Associate Professor, Women's Spirituality, CIIS

Dr. Alka Arora is a core faculty member of the Women's Spirituality program at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).

Her research and teaching interests include spiritual activism, integral pedagogy, feminist leadership, and vegan ecofeminism.


Samir Adams Ghosh

Corporate Management - formerly Microsoft, IBM/Lotus, and P&G

Samir Adams Ghosh is a 30-year tech exec, investor, and advisor.  He has worked at 7 tech startups and continues to advise/invest in dozens of tech startups.  Samir has corporate management experience at Microsoft, IBM/Lotus, and P&G.  He has cross-functional experience in Engineering, Sales, Professional Services, and Marketing to numerous industries.  Samir specializes in bringing to market new tech such as AI, AR/VR, drones, mobile, PaaS, DevOps, social collab, etc.  He has an international heritage, and has lived/worked globally throughout the US, Europe, and Asia.  Mr. Ghosh holds an MBA from UCLA, an Int’l Business Diploma from the Stockholm School of Economics, and BS in CS from WPI.

aliss wang

Filmmaker, IMPACT Leader

Aliss Wang is a Filmmaker, Transitions Coach, Integral Counseling Psychology M.A. Candidate at CIIS, and leads the CIIS IMPACT Entrepreneurial Incubation Group. She trained at the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching, and holds a B.A. Liberal Studies: English and Business Administration, UC Riverside. Wang is a seasoned audio IP and consumer technologies business developer, marketer and researcher in Asia, America, and Europe. After surviving traumatic brain injury, she now serves as a harm reduction guardian at transformational festivals and Lead at a Burning Man camp known for “foam”, Wang’s work is dedicated to healing complex trauma. Her documentary, Dream.Shift.Inspire. explores “the hero’s journey” of turning our dreams into actions that change the world.