Lightning Talks

introduction to brainfulness

by Dr. Michael Levin

A brief introduction to the evolutionary origin of mental disorders and the model of the working brain. The brain is not one organ, like the heart or liver, but is a set of interacting neuro-circuits, each with specific functions. Learning about their malfunction helps us understand why we get sick and how to approach mental illness.

Dr. Levin is a psychiatrist with more than 30 years of clinical experience. He is a Medical Director of Lyra Health and the author of the book Brainfulness.

managing Mental Health as a Millennial

by Dr. Vaneeta Sandhu

The Effects of Technology on Mental Health

The widespread use of technology has been shown to have a measurable, negative impact on mental health. We'll review what the research shows as well as strategies you can use for managing your mental health in this wired world. 

Dr. Sandhu is a licensed clinical psychologist and a former professor in the clinical psychology program at Adler University in Vancouver, Canada.

Digital Social Prescribing in Mental Health

by Dr. Gerry Craigen, JD

Gain insight on what digital social prescribing is and how it works. We will discuss the opportunities as well as the risks in the ethics and bias of this potential exciting new technology in mental health care.

Dr. Craigen is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine, where he teaches bioethics and medical legal issues.

interpersonal effectiveness in the workplace

by Dr. Katherine Rose

So many of us are really good at our jobs, but when it comes to the people we work with, most of us struggle. Learn some basic strategies to communicate with different people at work in order to get your wants and needs met more effectively while building better relationships and actually enjoying the people you work with.

Dr. Rose works in private practice and at juvenile probation center in Austin, Texas.