Reverse Hackathon Resources

Problem/Idea Storyboard Templates

Judging Criteria


These are articles to get your juices flowing. Technology is being used today in lots of cool ways to facilitate better mental health wellbeing. Check ‘em out! 

Inspiration Cards - User Needs and Facts

We gathered facts and quotes from friends, family, and you guys. Learn how technology has affected your fellow Reverse Hackathoners and others’ mental health - for better or worse. We would also recommend taking a break to chat with fellow hackathoners, making a phone call to family/friends, or even posting online to get feedback on your concept at least once during the event.

Brainstorming Activities

Feeling a bit stuck on finding a good problem or solution space? Try one of these activities with your group.

Presentation Templates

Feel free to use these. Or not. These are various free phone templates that you can use to help communicate your final concept. If you guys have/find more great template resources, please share with everyone on Slack! (Reminder: We do ask that your pitches are digital so that they are easier to share.)

Noun Project

This is an awesome resource if you want to grab some quick icons to put in a design. (They are free to download, just make sure you cite the author!)


General Resources

We hope the following resources are helpful in understanding learning more about this movement.

- Announcing The Reverse Hackathon

How to Design Social Systems (Without Causing Depression and War)