Design thinking workshop

Have an idea and vague direction, but don't know where to start? Join this crash course to learn tried-and-true activities from design sprints to get going. Together with your team, set a goal, leverage expert input, solution sketch, vote as a team, and storyboard all the way to an effective, thoughtful pitch deck.

Led by Jennifer Ng

Intro to coding workshop

First time at a hackathon? New to coding? We’ll be teaching you the basics of how to create your own web application from scratch.

Led by Zhifan Li


Join us for a mid-day break to refresh the mind.

Led by Zoë Soter

Hacking Happiness through Art, the Body, + Brain Science

This workshop will give you a simplified and effective tool to hack your nervous system based on a simple brain lesson, movement, art and communication/connection.  You will learn a new tool to practice a 3 step-process to help navigate your inner world no matter what is happening in your outer world or online.

Led by Alison Guida Smith

expressive art therapy

Gentle flow - open to all levels.

Led by Zoë Soter